Kamis, 01 Juni 2017

dear him

Actually I feel really geli to write this in my blog. But I think this is only a mere blog of mine and I am free to write anything in my mind 😂😂😂.

Reasons why my future husband will be a lucky man:
1. I earn money by myself and can work from home
2. I can dress and wear makeup occasionally
3. I am honest and outspoken
4. I can drive
5. I am faithful and loyal
6. I have never dated anyone

Reasons why he will be unlucky enough to have me
1. I am a messy person
2. I am grumpy and angry like an evil
3. I usually complain about everything everyday
4. I can't cook yet
5. I am lazy
6. I am honest and outspoken
7. I am stingy
8. I am lazy to take a bath
9. I am inexperienced in dating anyone

I think too many disadvantages to have me as a wife. Dear future husband, I hope you will be patient and ikhlas for having someone like me. 😛

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